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What You Can Expect From Us:

Via Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks we receive 10,000 social room blocks per year and use a 2-step lead verification process to only source the highly qualified leads. Our paid premiere hotel program, gives you the competitive edge over these groups as well as partnered marketing efforts. As professionals having worked in hotel sales and global sales for 20+ years, we know your business and know how to sell your hotel to our wedding/ social groups. What you can expect from us:


You can expect highly qualified leads via Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks


One company to follow-up with.


Your hotel will be featured on our website as a premiered hotel partner as well as on our social media pages and it will be sold thoroughly by our sales consultants.

Trusted by the world’s top hotel brands

Why we’re different

As a certified women owned business, we're the only hotel intermediary specializing in social group blocks and we're not automated. It's real people, servicing real clients.

Solutions to help your sales team excel.

Check out our client hotel search tool and how you can start earning more social leads today.

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We cannot say enough about how incredible Emily was and the Kleinfeld Hotel Block process. She was so kind and patient with us as we had to change our wedding date and hotel blocks due to the pandemic. This service was super helpful and made the stresses of wedding planning a little easier. We will definitely be recommending Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks to all of our friends! Thank you again, Emily, you were a joy to work with!

Kaylan ButlerProfessionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I just wanted to thank Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks for helping us during this crazy time ! We worked with Emily and she was extremely thorough and supportive during the process. She sent us an excel spread sheet of all the hotels near our venue and helped us narrow down our search. Her help gave us one less thing to stress about! When we did decide on a hotel, she was even able to get additional rooms blocked seeing as we have a large wedding. She constantly checked in with us throughout the process and we couldn't have asked for more!
Thank you again

Melissa MaloyProfessionalism, Quality

Finding hotel blocks can be overwhelming. When I had to re-schedule my wedding due to COVID, I was looking for as much help as I could get. Kleinfeld hotel blocks made this process so unbelievably easy. Emily sent me the most organized spreadsheet with details I had not even thought of (parking, renovations, breakfast, etc.). She found us a great deal and made the whole process a breeze. I can't thank them enough!

Alanna TrivelliProfessionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

AMAZING! We worked with Emily and she took care of EVERYTHING! I was a little nervous about this because I didn't know what to expect but I HIGHLY recommend it! She asked the hotels so many questions that I would have never thought of and presented us with a beautiful spreadsheet to choose from! Very very helpful.

Kelby Dougherty
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